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Opticology - Optical Design and Engineering
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Opticology - Optical Design & Engineering
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  Opticology - Optical Design & Engineering

State-of-the-art facilities for precision optics

Our facilities serve as the staging ground for new products, custom one-off systems, and precision assembly and alignment.  In-house fabrication capabilities allow us to construct system mock-ups, prototypes, and system components.

Optical Laboratory

Our optical laboratory is equipped with optical breadboards that provide a flat, stiff surface to mount components, which can be isolated from vibration when necessary. Available are wealth of opto-mechanical components from commercial vendors, including lens and prism mounts, micropositioning stages, kinematic mounts, rails and carriers, apertures, pinholes, spatial filters, and more.

Optical Design & Engineering   Optical Design & Engineering

Since our main goal in the laboratory is the detection and the analysis of light, we inventory signal-analyzing equipment, oscilloscopes, detectors, pre-amplifiers, power supplies and precision current sources, optical power meters, CCD cameras, position sensing detectors, frame grabbers, frequency generators, and a host of optical sources.

What does this mean for our clients? A fully functional, modern, optical laboratory equipped to perform the simplest tests to complex physical analysis, staffed by experienced and qualified optical engineers and technicians.

Optical Fabrication

Opticology Inc. Laboratory Opticology Inc. Laboratory

Complementing the optical laboratory is a precision optical shop and precision machine shop.  Areas are designated for precision assembly of the components we build with clean benches, inspection microscopes, and various custom built assembly tooling.

Our machine shop consists of a precision lathe and 4-axis CNC mill and other conventional shop equipment.  Recently upgraded, this shop allows us to fabricate most of the components used in our prototype devices and one-off systems.  The ability to fabricate one of a kind components in-house streamlines the development process and helps keep our projects on track.

Optical Fabrication Optical Fabrication Optical Fabrication

Having our own optical fabrication facilities (staffed with well experienced optician) gives us the ability to provide our customers with competitive pricing on precision components.  It also gives us the ability to converse with our customers first hand about fabrication limitations in their designs without going to the outside.  The benefit to our customer, is we bring them on the inside of the fabrication industry.

Precision assembly is done at our facility, whether cementing optical components, assembling critical components and subsystems, or performing final assembly of a prototype or one-off system.