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Opticology, Inc. manufactures custom absorptive-type optical filters for OEM, research, military, and astronomical applications. These are designed to work in the ultraviolet (UV), visible, and the near infrared (NIR) in varying optical density (OD) and as Neutral Density filters. Free design assistance is available or we build to your print.

These Colored glass filters can be used as an economical alternative to thin-film coated filters. They work on the principal of absorption, are generally more durable than coated filters, easier to clean and handle. They also have advantages over metallic thin-film density filters, as colored glass can withstand radiation from high-power lasers without damage.*

*Damage threshold 25W/cm^2 CW for some glasses, please inquire.

Opticology - Optical Filters to purchase our stock line of neutral density filters for the UV, visible, and NIR, along with equal-thickness neutral density sets of 5 equal-thickness filters.

Applications include:
  • Neutral Density Filters (Spectrally flat attenuation).
  • High-Power Laser Attenuation
  • Longpass, Shortpass or Bandpass Filter
  • Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red Filters
  • Heat-absorbing filters
  • Infrared (IR) transmitting/blocking filters
  • Ultraviolet (UV) transmitting/blocking filters
  • Base substrate for blocking prior to applying thin-film coating
Color Filter Glass Schott Glass

Custom Filters Polished to Transmission

Upon request, Opticology polishes filter glass to your desired transmission not merely to a specified thickness. Since colored filter glass can vary as much as 20% from melt (material lot) to melt, for accurate filtering applications polishing to thickness is unacceptable.
Using this process, Opticology can hold tight optical density (OD) specifications and has done so to better than 0.020 OD.

Ultra-Precision Filters
When required, Opticology fabricates filter glass to high dimensional tolerances and with precision quality surfaces for laser, astronomical, or military/defense applications.

Parts can be finished to precision to the following specifications:

  • Transmitted Wavefront: 1/20 wave
  • Thickness: +/-0.02mm
  • Parallel: 1 arcsecond
  • Scratch/Dig: 10/5

High quality dielectric anti-reflection coatings can be added to the surfaces if required reducing surface reflections to <0.2% narrowband or <0.5% broadband.

Opticology - Optical Filters

Opticology - Optical Filters

Opticology - Optical Filters

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