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Opticology - Optical Design and Engineering
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Opticology - Optical Design & Engineering
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  Opticology - Optical Design & Engineering

Optical Design

The design of an optical system is just the beginning. The system must not only perform, but must be designed and toleranced such that it can be manufactured for a reasonable cost. Opticology's designers work closely with our fabrication specialists during development to ensure practical and cost efficient solutions.

Optical Design & Engineering

All completed designs include comprehensive performance reports, and a final report, written so you can understand it. An engineer is always available to discuss the specifics of the newly created system. Toleranced drawings are part of the package - assembly and element drawings ready for manufacture.

When we are contracted to design an optical system the customer ultimately owns the design. We don't insist on royalties or hide critical specifications. Our forthright policies lead most of our clients to use Opticology for precision fabrication of the optics as well.
Optical Design & Engineering Optical Design & Engineering Optical Design & Engineering Optical Design & Engineering

Optical Engineering

Optical Engineering entails the implementation of our optical systems.  Successful implementation is the key
and a skilled optical engineer is required to make critical systems work. While the Optical Designer designs optical components to given specifications, the Optical Engineer designs and builds the system aspect of the project.

Optical Design & Engineering

The Optical Engineer works closely with mechanical engineering regarding mounting and necessary tolerances, as well as specifying and selecting the electronic detection of the signal, and will also perform the critical alignment of the system - an extremely crucial requirement of many precision optical systems.

Optical Design & Engineering

Often called upon to devise measurement techniques and solve complex problems as the design is implemented in the laboratory, the Optical Engineer will also support metrology during the production of
precision optical components

Opticology maintains a fully equipped optical laboratory for prototyping, R&D and concept development--as well as a staging ground for the production of precision optical systems. Our lab is stocked with a wealth of precision mounting equipment, optical components, electronic test equipment, sources, detectors, and data acquisition systems to help bring your project to life.

Optical Design & Engineering

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