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Opticology - Optical Design and Engineering
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Opticology - Optical Design & Engineering
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  Opticology - Optical Design & Engineering

Optical System Prototypes

Opticology routinely performs feasibility studies, concept evaluation, and builds mock-ups of optical systems. This is done in one of several ways, either by producing a small portion of the system and testing the effectiveness, or building a system that is representative of the finished system.

Optical System Design

This approach saves time and money, which are not wasted on ideas going nowhere. More often than not, this systematic approach to development saves time and money as valuable lessons are learned at this stage, which are invariably applied when the real design begins.

Our facilities are equipped to handle most any prototypical fabrication and manufacture. The combination of a precision lathe, milling machine and polishing equipment with our full-service optical laboratory gives us the ability to produce precision prototype optical systems. Whether  creating a precision part from scratch, modifying an existing component, or just building a physical model, Opticology delivers the system into your hands when you need it, backed by the data you are looking for.

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