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Opticology - Optical Design and Engineering
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Opticology - Optical Design & Engineering
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  Opticology - Optical Design & Engineering

Software Development

Why would an optical engineering and component manufacturer write software? Because we know that most sophisticated systems need software to run. For instance, optical systems that use CCD cameras will usually require image processing to make the data useful. Device control, data logging, motion control, and user input are found in most modern systems.

Our software team has the scientific programming skills necessary to develop even the most complex algorithms. Opticology creates both software modules for incorporation into existing systems as well as full stand-alone applications.

   Software Development

Utilizing the latest programming tools and languages - Visual Basic, C++, Delphi Pascal, even down to the Assembly level - we can write it and make it work.

It all goes back to our full service approach to engineering. Why hire a software designer that knows nothing about optics?

Software Development

Software Development

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